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    Got a call today from a guy who is repossessing a double wide trailer home or mobile home. He needed the coupler welded up, and I was thinking coupler as in regular on a trailer but larger. So I broke out the Power Arc 200 and my generator and went to work. I burned 8lbs of 7018 1/8 welding rods at 129 amps. The job took about 4 hours of non-stop welding, this is the hardest I have pushed my Power Arc 200, never bumped the duty cycle, and never missed a beat!

    This is the view from under the house.

    This is the first pass from the under side of this coupler or A frame. I put at least 3 passes on every weld. This frame was not fitted very well, so there were several passes on most of the welds.

    One side welded on the topside.

    This is the complete frame

    This deal was provided by the guy moving the home for the bank. They were happy with how it turned out. The welder in me wanted to beef up the coupler, but there is not much to weld to underneath. Everything is pretty thin, I guess the shape of the house and that it's only designed to be transported once, and not pulled everyday.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SeanMurphy265 View Post
    This deal was provided by the guy moving the home for the bank. They were happy with how it turned out.

    That's what counts. Now they know who they can call in the future. Could turn into a nice set of jobs if they get more to do.
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