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Thread: Everlast 210EXT review and pictures

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    Quote Originally Posted by zoama View Post
    I think this will be much simpler if you explain why you don't want to use 4t if it does exactly what you want.
    I'm scratching my head wondering the same thing. I suppose if you wanted 4T behavior but *wanted* to have to hold the button down? But that would be something different than 2T ("enhanced 2T"?).

    I wouldn't expect 2T to ramp up/down, and in fact I know a guy who managed to get his welder into a mode like that when his pedal was plugged in, and the ramping + pedal control = chaos. So, I don't see it as a good thing in most cases.
    210EXT (2013 USA)

  2. Smile Hello -expecting new 2018 255 EXT soon

    Hello I am new to Everlast welders. I have used/owned Millers,Lincolns, Hobarts stick/tig and mig welders. I have purchased a 2018 255 EXT. I am curious if the circuit boards on the new 255 EXT units looks as well as the ones in the pictured here in this post. I know this is an older post but hopping someone could enlighten me.

    As someone else stated here the circuitry looks to be high quality. This is a European version but should have same build quality correct?

    As far as the sales go Alex and Alexandra @ Everlast sales have treated me well so far and I was upgraded to the Nova pedal and larger water cooled torch for no extra cost. Just waiting to see the unit itself and find out for myself what its truly made of.

    I went with the 255 EXT as I do work on everything from small projects using 16 gauge to projects using 1/2 inch steel so I didn't want to be under powered amperage wise. I am also considering a plasma cutter from Everlast in the near future.

    Anyway, any experiences or if anyone has any feedback on this older 210 EXT and its insides and how it compares to the newer insides of the latest 255 EXT that I am expecting to arrive soon would be appreciated!


    Quote Originally Posted by todmorg View Post
    I know everyone like pictures, so here's a few more...

    Ed, I think the processor is the tiny thing that I'm pointing at with a philips screwdriver. It's Very small with no markings.

    I still haven't located an arc gap, I'm thinking it must be gapless.

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