This Jeep belongs to a lady, her husband bought it for her as an anniversary gift. She has completely disassembled the Jeep, and doing a complete restoration.
Everlast Products used: Imig 200 & Everlast SuperCut50P
I normally charge a $75.00 minimum if I come to someone's place and weld. In Memphis I charged $85.00 minimum (1 hour). I charged $50.00 for this little job. It's a pain getting loaded up to go weld, but it's hard to charge more for a small job, and at the same time hard to charge any less.

The original bolt had been worked on pretty good. I used my SuperCut50P this was my first time ever using my new plasma cutter.

There were nuts tacked to the frame from the factory.

Left side

Right Side

Here is the bumper support ready to go.