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Thread: CNC Plasma cutter-The build begins.

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    Default CNC Plasma cutter-The build begins.

    Howdy Folks!! I almost let the cat out of the bag, but due to numerous factors, I cannot divulge what's going on for a few weeks. What I can do is go through the steps I will be taking to build a CNC Plasma Cutting table, complete with water pan. I needed the material to get this thing started and I'm BROKE, as in SO FREAKING BROKE that I can't believe it! So, Yesterday, I got together the material reqiurements to get started on building the chassis, and called it into my local steel supplier.

    Let me tell you something about metal suppliers. They are merciless, cutthroat, chiseling SOB's, WITHOUT EXCEPTION!! I have almost 2 decades of dealing with metal suppliers, and even the nicest, most customer-service oriented, professional companies out there are looking for one thing, to raid your pockets, and give you NOTHING! OK, Rant over (but it's my opinion). Back to the topic at hand.

    I was informed that I would need about $150.00 for the materials I needed. 50 feet of 2x2, 11 ga (1/8" wall) square tubing, 8 feet of 2x2, 3/16" angle, and a few feet of 2" flat, plus some miscellaneous bits.

    To get the funds, I had to go to the gas station with my purple Crown-Royal bag full of change, and cash it in. I had $61.00 left on my prepay mastercard, $28.00 in my wallet, and by the time the gas station chick and I finished counting, I came up with $68.83. So, off I go the the steel store with a grand total of $157.83 at my disposal.

    By the time I made it through the warehouse, and up to the city desk, the bill was $139.26! So I had 18-1/2 bucks left over. Cool. Than I remembered that I wanted a little piece of 1/8" aluminum "just to have around" and it was closing time. I walked back to their aluminum shear, pulled out a hunk about 6" x 12" , and this is where I get my opinion about metal dealers. What would you do for a guy that just dropped about a bill and a half, and wanted a DROP out of the scrap bin? Well, I'd say "just take it". Instead, these guys rebooted the entire system, and generated an invoice for two freaking dollars and fifty four cents!! HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND!!!! Then they wonder why most of their customers are irate A-HOLES while dealing with them!

    Below are some pics of the meager pile that I ended up with after all the events of yesterday, and, according to the prints provided to me by my newly-found old friend (long story), by the end of the weekend, time permitting, the pile will magically turn into the chassis for the first of what I hope are HUNDREDS of CNC plasma tables. I have decided to share the process of this first build with you all, as I will be using my EVERLAST welder and plasma cutter to construct the table, and once completed, it will utilize an EVERLAST PowerPlasma 60C plasma cutter. This will be an awesome unit. Pleasefollow along, and feel free to comment and ask questions.

    $140.00 worth of steel

    Same pic, different flash so you don't miss anything

    One sheet of the print (Yes I'm actually using a print instead of "freestyling"!)
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    I've had my 225LX for about a week and I was already looking around for plans to build a CNC plasma table. SUBSCRIBED

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    Thats the way corporate America thinks anymore they don't give a s**t about customers or repeat service its a damn shame. If I my ask where did you subscribe to the plans, I am not looking to take any customers from you just curious for personel info? What size table are you making or did I miss it in your first post. I wish you luck with this endevor.

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    I designed and built a 48”x96” CNC plasma table with THC. It’s hooked up to the PP-50. The 60 for CNC wasn’t available when I bought the PP-50, and I didn’t want to go any larger due to the high frequency start of the more powerful models. I’ve been cutting a good many of ¼” brackets for a guy for custom gates with no problem. Cuts like a champ with minimal bevel & dross, but always trying to hone in the settings a little better.

    Anyway, if you have any questions or need some parts cut out and shipped to you, I’ll be glad to help you out. Although my steel supplier makes me bend-dove when I buy from him, I like to be a little easier on my customers.

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