I ordered a few clamps (and a Nomad welding table) last week as a birthday present to myself. I ordered a variety of small clamps as well as accessories to go along for strange clamping requirements.

First up is the Strong Hand PA622. Main pivot angle is "infinitely" adjustable and held into place by a compression screw. Handle on the screw can be repositioned while turning to prevent contact with other items and allow full tightening under pretty much any circumstances. The locking plier clamps can be positioned in a few other positions as well. They are retained to teh clamp with a screw, or can remain loose. This is teh small version of the tool and they offer a larger version, PA634, as well.

This is a "UD" series clamp. It is the smallest frame size in their range. This particular one is an 8" length. I also have 4 and 6" lengths. A bunch of accessories are shown, and will likely never all be used together. I basically bought 1 each of every accessory they had just to have a variety of options

Accessories here:

I also have one of the spring loaded clams (came with teh Nomad table)

This is just a big pile of clamps all clamped together.

Overall, they seem to be pretty decent. I bought all of the light duty versions as I typically only do lighter fabrications.