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    Well, everybody posts pics of their welding table, so here's mine. This was my first actual welding project since I got my 250EX. I spent a lot of time building my cooler, but there was no welding involved so it didn't count. I should say first that I figured that this would be a good way to get to know the welder and to try to re-learn TIG. I actually received formal TIG training, but its been a long time - I think Nixon was president at the time and they were calling it Heliarc. I was initially repairing chromoly truss work on light aircraft airframes and fixing cracks in inconel exhaust stacks.

    Anyway, I didn't need a big table right now since I'm just piddling around with small projects. I scored a piece of 3/8" plate about 34" x 27" for $30 so that became the right size.

    I had a bunch of 1-1/4 thin wall (1/16") tubing from an old fence we took down, so I used that for the frame. Its a little light for a welding table but I figured since mine is small it would work OK. I decided to bolt the top to it, so I got some DOM and cut some bushings and tacked them in place on the ends of the top rails. This way, I can crank down on the bolts without crushing the tubing.
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    Still got a ways to go with my beads, but I was able to stick it together.
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    Here's the finished table
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    I was debating where to put a holder for the torch, so while I'm deciding, I got some stainless rod and bent it up and tacked it to a piece of angle iron. I stuck some flea market magnets to the angle iron and then stuck that to one leg of the table for now.
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    Here's my welder and homemade cooler set up. My next project needs to be a welding cart so I can give my wife her garden cart back.
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    I like it how you left room to fit your feet under the table. I did the same with mine. The hook it cool too. I hang mine over the ground clamp but I'm thinking about making a hook after seeing yours.
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    That garden cart actually fits everything pretty good...

    Your table looks really nice and adding bushings for the bolts was a great foresight!
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