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    This is a trade show display I made for our sales guys. It consists of a heavy base that can be picked up with a forklift from any side via built in forklift fork tubes. An arm and tray that holds a demo gas tank. A machine we call a rhino drain. This project took 4 weeks to complete.
    The base is made of a frame that uses 4"x6"x 1/4 tubing for the sides. 4"x 8" x 1/4" tubing for the forklift tubes. A 4'x8' x1/4 sheet steel for the deck surface. A 5"x5" x1/4" for the machine mount post. Some 1/2 plate cut to various bracing shapes.

    Here is the frame for the base. this 2/3 welded. I used a Mig machine for all the welding.

    This is the first pass done with a tig maching. This part a corner on the tank holding arm.

    This is the top part of the tank holding arm.

    Another shot of the holding arm.

    This is the arm mounted onto the base. It is hinged on one side of the base plate and has the two bolts to bolt it into place. I made it hinged to make it mo0re compact for shipping.
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    This next part is for the Rhino machine. Its the main frame. In thew picture i'm notching it. I do this so when it gets galvanized the molten zinc can easily flow inside the tubing. If you have sealed tubing it has a tendancy to float and if its air tight the high temp might cause it to deform from the high pressure.

    Here I'm making a hole for the hinge. The hinge is a round tube cut to 3" length. The ID is 1" and the OD is 1.5".

    This is the hinge tube mig welded in place.

    This is the air tank and slide guide rails. The tank is made from a piece of 2"x6"x1/4" rectangular tube. I mig weld two pieces of 1.75"x1/4 flat bar for the caps on the tank. I also drill two holes for the air ports. One is 1/2" and the other 3/4". Them I tig weld on a 1/2" npt and a 3/4npt weld tank fitting. The guide rails are mig welded. They are made from 2"x3"x1/4" angle stock.

    Here I have the frame all in place and ready to tack then weld.

    The air tank mounted to the frame.

    Here is a closer look of the air tank welded onto the frame. I also welded on a 10" grab handle.

    The parts all powder coated up. Nice red whit and blue theme.
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    The arm looking nice.

    Here is the gas tank holding tray the D rings are for using tie downs to hole the tank in place.

    The main post all nice and white. The welds look good white.

    Here is the rhino machine mounted onto the platform.

    A closer look at the freshly anodized control panel, drain basket, and freshly galvanized frame.

    A shot of some of the pneumatics.

    Here is the top side of the machine inside the drain bowl. The spike in the center is for making a hole in the gas tank.

    The machine in place under the tank.

    The machine in place waiting to make a hole.

    The Hole the machine makes in the tank. I left the spike up for the picture so you could see it. Normally in the field the bowl would still be pressed against the tank to prevent spillage until the tank is empty.

    I hope my sales guys like it. They haven't seen it yet.
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    Well I almost wasn't going to reply because I didn't want to mess up your thread with anything but the beautiful craftsmanship you are displaying. You obviously take pride in your work, I admire your skill! it was also good to see you took some time to set up your new 225lx on the side of the table. You obviously have top notch equipment at your disposal and I am glad to see a welder I can afford is something you would consider personally owning. If you have the opportunity, could you put it to work on one of you next projects so we can hear how you like it.
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    Thank you for your kind words. I am in the process of using my new 225lx. I have another project thread that im using it in. I just need to use it some more to dial it in just how I want it. I Think I'm going to get a different torch. The stock one is a little too fat for my liking. Also i'm gonna build my own cooler. Once I get the parts ill make a thread on it.
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    Oh yea I forgot to mention the spike in the pictures I machined from steal as its an old prototype. Next week I'm going to machine one from a Nickle, Aluminum, Bronze alloy. This makes a non sparking yet strong part. The alloy is tough to machine it cuts different from any other metal. Too slow a feed rate it work hardens, too fast it work hardens. I'll take some pics and post them.
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    Amazing. I love how that hot-dipped galvanized frame you welded came out. That spike looks really gnarly! Is the "barb" in the spike designed to grab the pierced gas tank material while the spike retracts, to reverse the "pucker" in the hole of the tank and help more completely drain the gas? Really interesting product.
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    I get the frame galvanized because that's one of the more durable coatings. Powder coating gets chipped, scratched and allows rust quite quickly in the environment they are in. That's the exact reason the spike is barbed it allows all the gas to drain.
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    Im curious about this Nickle, Aluminum, Bronze alloy you speak of. Do you have any more info about this alloy? I must say that you have done a damn good job on this project. Its clean and simple.
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    They use that alloy and similar alloys on non-sparking tools. Its a pain to machine and tap if your not use to it.
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    what is the purpose of the machine? what tanks do you puncture?
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    Its for draining Fuel tanks on cars in junk yards. This machine is used as opposed to a pick ax and 50gallon trash can, which I've seen at more than one place.
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    very nice set up! my local u-pull yard needs one of these! last time i went i had to get them to put a car on the stands so i can work under it, they used a payloader with forks and of course when lifting the car up they punctured the tank!!
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