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    Hey All,

    I am Big Will. And yes I Live up to the name. I am from south Texas, just outside of Houston anyway. I drive a truck for a living at this stage in my life. I am the guy that just pulled into the intersection in front of you with that huge load and is now blocking everything in all directions until my steer car removes a sign so that we can continue on our way off into the countryside. Where once there I can deliver this single part of a windmill tower.

    Yea it is a little dramatic but you get the idea. I am a heavy haul truck driver specializing in Wind Energy Transportation. Prior to driving a truck I was a diesel mechanic for 5 years. I got tired of the grind and thaught I wanted to SEE the world. I have pictures of every sight you could possibly imagine in the US and Canada. Only problem with that is every single one of them includes the windshield of my truck in it. Prior to working as a mechanic I went to trade school and learned both Heavy Equipment Mechanics and Welding. Upon graduation I was certified in 6" schedule 40 pipe in the 6g position and then 6010 structural 4g 3/8" plate. I had failed my 7018 cert. by crystalizing the bead. I was in a hurry to get out of there and go make a fortune in the real world. Full of Piss and Vinegar I was. LOL

    Anyway, On to why I am here on this forum. I am a Hobby welder now adays and just got tired of using my grandfathers old AC Buzzbox. When I say Old I mean OLD. To the best of my abilities I have found here on the internet that that model Glenn-Roberts welder was only in production during the 1940's. All the numbers had worn off the amperage guage so god only knows what you are actually welding with. I crank it one way then all the way the other way. then estimate somewhere in the middle. I have to tell you though that SOB can weld. And it is almost literally bullet proof. I dont think it would hold up to a 50 cal. I just baught a combo Fabricator 181i for Christmas and was pleased with it. It got my juices flowing and as of last night I just baught a PowerTig 200dx. The only place my Fabricator fell short was it is only DC. So here I am after reading countless hours about everlast I am gonna give them a try as well.

    So all things considered hello to you all and please dont get upset with me when I ask dumb questions about tig welding as I am gonna teach myself to do this come hell or high water.

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    Welcome aboard !
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    Welcome, Big Will! I got some LOLs from your story- sounds like you've seen a lot of the world. If you've been hunting around this site for a while you may have seen references to, lots of good TIG information there too! Congrats on the purchase of your 200DX, let us know what you think when it arrives!
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    Or type weldingtipsandtricks on
    2013 250EX : SSC Pedal : I-MIG 250P 20' Profax gun : Power Plasma 60 p80 torch : 3M Speedglas 9100XX : Evolution Rage 3 DB cold saw

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    Welcome to the forum BW. Commander Cody did your song, 'Lookin at the World Thru the Windshield'. I should be not so lazy and find it on You Tube for you...
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    Welcome. I've driven all over too in a fuel tanker and show truck (the race car hauler style)only in the states though. Do you pick up your loads off of the 35? I think that's the road down there where I noticed the windmill plant.
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    Yes I have loaded out the plant in Gainesville, TX. Also, loaded out of Grand Forks, ND - Fargo, ND - Pipestone, MN - Little Rock, AR - Coleman, TX - San Angelo, TX. And of course all the shipping ports for import from other countries. Thank you all for the warm welcome. And yes I have been on welding tips and tricks. As a matter of fact his videos kinda guided me here. If he aint on the Payroll he should be Oleg. LOL. Of course it is not my Place to tell you how to run your business. He is an awsome marketer and does a great job with product reviews.

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