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Thread: Project #3 Dyethor, Pipe flange tool

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    Default Project #3 Dyethor, Pipe flange tool

    Hello all.
    This is project is a pipe flange tool. Its for wrenching on flanges that are welded to pipe with NPT threads that go into various equipment. I came up with this design out of necessity. Previously I had been either using a large pipe wrench or a strap wrench. The pipe wrenches would always leave gouges in the soft aluminum pipe, to me that's unprofessional looking and not how I do work. Using a strap wrench was a pain to get good torque and was difficult to use in smaller places.

    I Built this tool out of stainless I had laying around.. The handle is 1" square tubing 1/8" thick. The Pin's are made from 3/8" round bar.

    Here is the tool. The two pins that are close together are 2" long. The one on the end is 3". I drilled holes through the square tubing that were pre-measured to the correct spacing to fit on the flanges. Then I tig welded the pins in place.
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    Here is a close up of the orientation of the pins to the flange on a 2" and 3" pipe flange.

    Here is a 4" pipe flange. I only have one prong go into the bolt hole the other presses on the outside of the flange. The flange is and example of some of my aluminum tig welding.

    I use the prong on the opposite side to hook in a flange, then use the pipe as a leverage point. sometimes there isn't enough room access the face of the flange.

    Here is a picture of the too.
    Here is an example of the area the tool would be used in. If you look there is an engine on the left side its connected to a pump. On top of that pump is a nice blue flange/pipe screwed into the pump.
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    That's a nice looking bead!

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    great looking tool I wasn't quite able to figure out how you use it but I get the gist. I am sure it does the job well. it's great to see that you took the time to create a solution that gives professional results. If your capable of welds that look like that, the last thing you want is gouges just down the pipe.
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    Thanks. The beads are still not as consistent looking as I want but I'm working on it. As far as the gouges go. I want everything to look good on the tankers when the D.O.T. officers pull our trucks over and give inspections.
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    Very nice solution to the problem. Isn't it great to have the ability to make custom tools?
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    Yea, its nice not being limited to only buying tools that don't do the job proper.
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