So I got a back seat for my old bronco 2. I got it out of the junk yard but had a problem. The bottom bolts holding the seat to the floor were rusted in. The wouldnt budge with a pipe on a breaker bar. It was just twisting the star out of the bolt. So i was gonna cut the bolts out of it but the grinder wouldnt touch them, it was a battery one though. So I ended up just cutting it out. It was the last thing I wanted to do but my only choice. So i had to rebuild a bracket to make it be able to bolt back up. It took only a couple hours getting them in and everything fitted and made. I have only got one in so far. My bronco is 6 years older so they fit a little different. I thought I would have to do it on both sides of the seat but the middle bracket only bolts on the bottom instead of bottom and on a ledge so I was able to flip it over and just use it how it is. I did all the welding with a little northern 125 flux core mig I picked up on sale for 130. Thing works pretty good for being so cheap. I caught the nozzle on fire a couple times but it works fine. Got it for small projects and mainly tacking. So the first pic is the before and the second is the after of the plate i welded in then the third is the seat back bolted in and last is finished.

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