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Thread: Zmechanic Project #1: Tig Cooler

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    Alright. I decided to build my own tig cooler. It's taken me awhile to get there, but it's finally done. I went the re-purposed carbonator route like many do. I snagged a complete carbonator from a restaurant supply/surplus place. I reused the pump and the tank. I built a custom frame, added a transmission cooler, some fans, and some quick disconnects. NO way was I paying $25 each for "tig water cooler" quick disconnects. Standard air hose brass connectors did the job beautifully. Just a little bigger is all.

    I had the system all apart and running without the frame, just to get an idea. At one point, I had it all plumbed up with the cooler in and NO fans. I had to weld up a custom oil pump adapter for someone for a HEMI made out of two 1.5" thick plates. I had the machine cranked all the way up, and the pedal to the floor at some parts. The water never got warmer than room temperature. So with the fans, it outta do just fine.

    And of course, obligatory test welds, too.

    Standard beads on some scrap sheet. 3/32" 2% Ceriated tungsten, 7 cup with gas lense, 3/32" filler. For these beads I was cookin' and bookin'. Basically as fast as I could feed, which is why they are so shiny. About three dips a second, if that give you an idea. If it were a more tricky joint, I definitely would've taken it much slower.

    And last, me playing my new fascination: weave beads on aluminum. I actually just saw this for the first time today on one of John Marcella's intakes. I had to try it for myself. A few inconsistent ones, but it's getting there. I actually found I can run these better with 1/16" filler.

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    Nice cooler set up! Yeh those connectors are expensive! i ended up using pressure washer quick couplers.
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    Quote Originally Posted by charger891 View Post
    Nice cooler set up! Yeh those connectors are expensive! i ended up using pressure washer quick couplers.
    Can you give us some sort of design drawings for your cooler?

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    A thing of Beauty to be sure, nice compact design,,,you have to feel good about something like that,,,almost as good a feeling as having sex with a super model on your birth day (old fart dreaming here),,,,I should mention that the tank can be made out of an old fire extinguisher ,,should anyone try to build some thing liked that....nice project...
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