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Thread: My take on Everlast tig welders

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    I pulled the cover off of mine today, to see how hard it would be to make the cooler come on with the welder, don't think it will be very hard.

    After looking at the guts of the welder, I am amazed that 80% of them don't get damaged in shipping. Everything looks fragile to me. I would stamp fragile all over the box and maybe even think about the expanding foam packing system.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GUNNER View Post
    I will find out about the color and get back to you...

    Fun? I don't know about that... I worked on an NHRA Prostock team for 4 years in the motor shop and traveled with the team for two of those years.. It looked like fun at first but trust me on this.. When it's how you earn a living it quickly becomes work and no fun! !
    My Dad owned a dirt late model team until I was 14. All I wanted to do was race, and wanted to pit crew with a touring team. In 2006 I had the opportunity to help a friend during Speedweeks at Eastbay in Floriday. By mid week I was ready to come home! I thought staying in a toter home for a week and maybe two weeks would be fun. After a week of eating junk food and sleeping in the top bunk I was done! I came home sick and wore out! It was fun, but it was work! Racing every night and doing all the maintenance that most people have a week to do in one day sucked. We had to change motors mid week, and that was not fun either! I'm glad I did it, and it closed the door on something I always wanted to do. One day I will go back to speedweeks, but only to watch!

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    check out the ZX10 turbo shots. guy with thirty years experience welded that. good thing you had your foot pedal. good tig welder wouldn't care if he had the pedal or not. well he might care but he'd just weld it out. beautiful. lol

    i owned couple of tens, an eleven and a twelve. i wouldn't have put that thing on my bike.

    Quote Originally Posted by GUNNER View Post
    It seems we do a lot of the same stuff.. Here's a very small example of some of the stuff I've done over the years.. Keep in mind most all of this is cardboard cut outs hand painted by a local Indian tribe! According to the haters anyway.....
    A completely fabricated 9" Prostock Housing

    A complete drag chassis for a 63 vette body

    Our house car 4 years ago

    Same house car in the staging lanes complete with me under the heading for all the haters to remember who I am

    A 4 Link Dragster Chassis still on the jig

    A ProComp motorcycle chassis I built back in 1991

    My own race bike I built way back in 1989 I also machine my own parts as well. That duel Mag drive was a one off unit I built to supply spark for the duel plug cylinder head I was using.

    Me getting it done again for the haters

    I also build custom one off turbo systems for bikes.. This unit was for a ZX10R that ultimately went on to run 247mph in the standing 1 mile..

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