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Thread: Only cuts after post-air quits

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    Default Only cuts after post-air quits

    Hey Alex, has the factory been able to find the probeble cause of my PP50 not cutting till the post-air quits? Thanks Mickey

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    After the post flow stops? There shouldn't be anything going on after the post flow..??
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    Have you talked to Mark or Ray about this issue?

    A simple thing to check is to make sure the CNC/Torch switch is set to the correct function (Handheld torch mode). As the machine will behave weird if it's in CNC mode and you try to use the handheld torch. Both PP50's that I have received came set in CNC mode, thus I had to switch it off. Also, I don't know for sure, but if your pilot arc is out (such as the fuse is blown), you will have to wait until the air flow stops before you can re-light the torch. This is because it's a "blow-back" style torch, and there's a little piston that the air pressure blows back. When the piston blows back from the air pressure it lengthens the gap between the electrode and the inside of the tip. But I think if your pilot arc is not working it may not be able to re-start with that long gap, hence you need to let the piston go into it's original "relaxed" state to re-light your plasma.

    Anybody who knows different, correct me, as I do not not know everything,
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    I have talked with Ray then Alix. Alix says this is an unfamilier problem to him and was asking the factory people about a fix and I haven't heard from anyone yet. I have reset the plethora of switchs and knobs to no avail. Thanks

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    we should know something with in days ..
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    Ok, just let me know.

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