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Thread: Project 1 from charger891 HD workbench

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    Hey guy`s, here`s my little project! i`ve needed a workbench for years now,and now was the time for the build, been scrounging up steel for the build for about a year now.I only have a 2 car garage so space is everything, my idea was to use square tubing, just like a receiver on a truck and have my vice, bench grinder and some of my metal tools removeable from the bench when i don`t need them, I also do lots of small engine repair and lots of time need the complete bench for a repair and the vice is just in the way.If you also look at the front beam the two end pieces are not Veed in nicely and welded up, this was an idea i came with during the build after i initially veed the steel, I also want to incorporate a sheet metal bender which would quick attach to the bench, i can then use these pockets to attach my bender. The top of the bench is 12 guage steel, if your asking why i put wood underneath it ,its because it takes the thud sound when you drop or move an object on the bench plus the top does not sag in, the wood is glued to the bench and then to the top.The drawers were going to be steel but opted for wood because of equipment malfunction.The empty part beside the drawers is for tucking in my welding table. attached is a rough blueprint of the material and measurements of the bench


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    more pics:

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    Good workbench, in a workshop very necessary thing.
    For the first time I see a demountable vice ( good idea, I will add to the arsenal )
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    That is a real nice design. I really like the 2" receiver for storage and flexability to move vice and brake. Hope you don't mind if I steal some of your design for my bench.

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    thank for the compliments! steal as many adeas as you want as long as you post pictures of your bench when your done!
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    Great workable! I understand about needing modular tools, I'm always in a pinch for space, myself. I think I have just about every big tool in my shop on swappable bases. its great when you need to rearrange the tools you need close depending on your job. I.e. if you need the vice and the bead roller and tubing notcher near the project you are working on you can just walk them over and drop them into the tool holder next to you so that you don't have to walk back and forth across the shop all day.

    Good design.
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