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    Ok Ive got a few questions, im noticing what seems like excessive cleaning action. I have the ac balance turned all the way left but im getting a pretty wide etched zone on all butt welds and lap welds but its not quite as bad on inside or outside corner joints, so that leads me to believe its either me or gas setting or may just be nature of the beast.

    Here are some pics of what i am referring to.

    Also I would like to know if there are any plans to adapt the newer pedal to the 200dx which would include an update to adjust voltage for pedal using the onscreen display...not bitching (I knew it when i bought it) just asking.

    Thanks JB
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    Those are some pretty even, straight flat beads there. But, that fillet looks especially nice! I am gathering you have some experience at TIG'ing aluminum before this machine.

    The 200DX I think only goes down to 30% EP, even with the AC Balance knob all the way to the left. My Super200P goes down to 20% EP, which is what I almost always run it at for aluminum. There is plenty of cleaning even at that setting. I wish it went down to 10% EP.

    Mixing in some Helium in with Argon is one way to reduce the cathodic etch cleaning, but probably not that easy or cheap to try. (Helium is not cheap stuff.) But, something to file away you might want to try at some point, maybe not.

    You could try increasing the frequency to possibly narrow the etched zone some, but it will likely narrow and change the weld bead as well.

    If you are not using a lanthanated/ceriated/thoriated tungsten on AC, (with a sharp "truncated point" - crayon shape tip) you should give it a try, it may affect how wide the arc goes and how wide the cleaning action is.

    The shielding gas configuration (cup width, and flow rate, etc, stickout, arc length) may make a difference in cleaning as well. I am not really definitive on that one. I have gravitated towards use a #5 of a #6 cup on my aluminum.

    Best of luck
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