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Thread: Everlast competition?

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    Did you install the capacitors?

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    Quote Originally Posted by kenwhite View Post
    srp, a log taper will read about 40% of it ohm range at 1/4 of its rotation range, 70% of its ohm range at 1/2 of its rotation range, and about 88% of its ohm range at 3/4 of its rotation range.
    It must not be logarithmic then because it seems to be linear when checking with a multi meter. I did not add any capacitors or resistors. When comparing pedals, the one with the new pot has almost two times the control in the first half of the pedal and the back half is very rapid. It seems to be logarithmic when hooked up to the welder to me. The crazy thing is, these potentiometers don't hardly cost anything.

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