... I have been build, fabricating and restoring street rods and muscle cars for 26 years. A high school passion that turned into a profitable business. Have a shop full of tools and toys that make many car nuts envious, Well, added a Cut 50 and again got the teenage side excited to play, and has the business side already making maoney with time saved, First day all of 10 minutes to remove rear and leafs on car - rusted 40 year old leaf bolts and bushings - always a dreaded job - now just smiles and time for other jobs.
Thanks Alex and Mike, very honest straight foward answers to some serious technical and product questions. Spoke to most plasma sellers out there, and you guys answered my questions to make me feel confident in your product. Others spend alot of time evading answers to my questions by bad mouthing there competion. As a business owner and as a consumer I thank you again. I feel I have went with a company that stands behind there products, and gives me peace of mind. Things can happen, but to earn my trust it is what you do when a problem arises. I work for a living. I am looking foward to your new product line. Guess time to make room for more toys!!!