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    I need to know how to go about returning my everlast for a refund. I'm on my second non working machine and rented a plasma 2 times since the purchase. I tried using the forum for help and I can not call from work. I can not afford to sit on this past the 30 days and loose my money on a pos

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    Wow don't suger coat it tell us what you really think. What kind of problems are you having? Have you called tech support? From what I have read on this forum EL does what ever it takes to make customers happy included refunds,but you have to call them.

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    I'm at work with no phone of any kind from 7 to a little after 5 so calling is hard without missing work. No phone because I live in a rural area and for the next week I work deep in the woods making repairs and minor fab in a old rock quarry.

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    Assuming you have a plasma cutter problem. Most common problems are plug wiring and work clamp in the wrong hole on some models.

    If you want to PM (private message) a number and a time to call, I am sure one of us can call you. To return the unit, you will have to call in or email to arrange that.

    PM if you want tech support to call you.
    Mike R.
    877-755-9353 x203
    M-F 12 - 7PM PST
    FYI: PP50, PP80, IMIG-200, IMIG-250P, 210EXT and 255EXT.

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    Thanks Mike. PM sent. Got work to do and will check back later. My original post is under the multi area

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    Thanks for the help. It works .

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