The other day in another welding forum I stumbled across a post about a way to utilize the digital display on what sounded like an Everlast 200 DX type machine for setting the pedal amperage for TIG. I looked for a similar post on this forum but didn't see anything. I've only had my machine for a week or so and although I'm a pedal person I've been using the torch trigger just because it's a new feature for me. I'm used to having the panel knob and display always control the max amperage so the adjustment knob on the 200 DX pedal I got is something new to me. I've read the posts on this forum and I think I understand how everything is going to work on this welder when I connect the pedal. Here's the setup process he explained:

When you plug in the pedal it overrides the panel knob and the max amperage is set using the pedal knob and pedal position. You can set the max amperage using the display from the pedal by temporarily switching to the Stick welding position. Now when you operate the pedal knob or pedal you'll see the amperage on the display without even striking an arc. He goes on to say that you can also use this technique to set the pulse current if the rate is set to the minimum. Switch back to TIG when you're ready to weld.

No welding for me today but I did go out, plug in my pedal and play with this a bit. The amperage values did seem to follow the pedal knob and pedal position as he claimed. The display also appeared to go up and down in a logical manner in pulse mode. So has anyone else played with this setup technique? Is it really a valid way to set up pedal currents using the display? Since the max Stick current is 160 vs. 200 on TIG and you are switching back and forth if it does work is it really displaying the true max TIG current?