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    I bought my 250 about a year ago, and have put it through some hard use ever since. Before I got this unit all I had was an old AC buzz box that had been kicked around for about 50 years. I did a lot of research on what machine I would upgrade to, and initially settled on the 205. After I got it though I realized that the 250 would be a better choice since it had the same footprint. This unit is worth the price for the tig functions alone, and the stick and plasma mode are like free bonus tools. My shop is a tiny one car garage and I don't have any more space to keep bulky machines. Even with the cart and tank, this 3 in one tool takes up very little room. I've had a half dozen or so of my hands-on buddies come over and take it for a spin, and everyone is blown away at how much it does. I am proud to own it, and with the thousands of dollars I saved I have been able to buy more metalworking tools and expand my game even further. Thank you EVERLAST!

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    Do you have the PP-256 or PT-250? I see the mention of Plasma in there or is that the original 205 you mentioned?

    Also, I saw your gallery pictures (

    Looks like some fun and long life projects. Nice work. Did you cut and put the glass in?

    Thanks for taking the time to find our forum and sharing your work.
    Mike R.
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    FYI: PP50, PP80, IMIG-200, IMIG-250P, 210EXT and 255EXT.

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