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    Any get the cart cooler and 250EX been able to hook up the water return line with the unit on the cart? My return line seems to be about 8 inches short to make the connection. Also, the chain on the bottom of the cart will not reach around a 300 cu ft tank. The top chain has plent of extra, the bottom is one link short.
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    In another thread someone suggested just cutting the sleeve from the torch cables to give the hoses more "scope" to reach the ports. I don't really like that idea; I assume that you could use barbed fittings to extend the hose. However, I was thinking that you might be able to use some of these "push to connect" fittings, like they sell in the plumbing section of the big box stores:

    Assuming that hose is rigid enough for the fitting, the only concern would be whether the fitting (and the tubing extension) could take the heat from the torch water.


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    To me it looks like the top chain should be on the bottom and visa versa, is that possible

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    It's the hose from the DINSE connector (hot water from torch) that is too short. The one coming from the jacket is the cold water supply to the torch and that is no problem. It looks like the specified length of the hose on the DINSE was about 8 inches too short for a good relax fit to the cooler.

    That is the first thing I thought. Both chains are the same length. All it would take to correct is to specify one chain being three links longer than the other. This would require the same amount of chain.
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    yep, same problem with my torch (standard wp18 torch)

    The optional 25 foot WP20 torch is ok tho, just enough length on the dinse hose with that one.

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    Sounds like a good excuse to put that new welding machine to work to me!
    1. saw off a few chain links from the top chain, and
    2. weld sawed off links onto the end of the bottom chain
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