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    I understand that oil must be removed from the compressed air used by the Plasma Arc Cutter. In my situation I have an air compressor with an oil injector that keeps my various compressed air tools oiled. My Everlast PowerPro 256 came with an air filter. So what are my choices?
    1) Use my compressed air as is because the air filter that came with my PowerPro 256 will clean it up.
    2) Put my oil injector on a valve and turn it off when I'm using the plasma arc cutter (I'm not sure my oil injector has an on/off switch).
    3)Forget about using my compressed air system because it's contaminated.
    4) ???

    Thank you!

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    1) It's wont remove all of the oil.
    2) No. The lines are contaminated with oil.
    3) It's only contaminated down stream of the oiler.
    I think your best, and coincidently, simplest and cheapest option is to put a T in the line between the air compressor and the oiler.

    Your mechanized tools will continue to get a nice oil bath, and your plasma cutter will get oil free air.

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    I agree with parkour you need to tap in before oiler and strongly recomend a dryer of some sort oil and moisture will do a number on your torch

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    ya thats really the only viable option.
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    I agree with parkour, tap into your air supply before the oiler, then add an air drier such as the motorguard M30 > < this kit comes with 2 extra filters (total of 3) and in my opinion is the most bang for the buck.
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    Everybody has this one right, once you use a hose with an oiler, it is contaminated for life. You need to get a virgin hose and put in a tee before the oiler for plasma cutting or painting or blowing out your computer.
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