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Thread: best deal on tungsten and filler??

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    Default best deal on tungsten and filler??

    hey guys I did some searching and can't seem to find a good thread on it. anyone have a good online supplier they use for tungsten and filler?? looking for good prices on name brand stuff???
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    It all depends on your definition of a good deal.

    Mine is being able to get rods, tungsten, gas, and use them within an hour. I hate ordering stuff from some stranger, and waiting 5 days for something that's readily available in the next town to me.

    Most LWS's I find are comparable in price to the online outlets. Plus they don't try to screw you on the shipping. There is also an additional benefit to see it, feel it, and smell it if need be.

    I have ordered stuff online. Except for Everlast, I don't have any regard for these online outfits. If you can't say something nice, don't say it!

    Sorry I wasn't able to help you, but my opinion is based upon research and personal experience.

    Best Regards!
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    unfortunately for my, the only decent LWS in my area is in a town I would rather not drive through! I have an airgas pretty close to me but they never have ANYTHING good. they don't even know what lanthanated tungsten is nevermind stock it. I either have to order it from airgas and go pick it up or order it online to my door.....
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    I use "Diamond Ground" tungsten, 2% lan. Bought it off of their ebay store, but you can buy direct. I did not buy pre-ground, just standard 10 packs.
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    I like Diamond Ground as well. I plan on ordering from them in the future as my LWS doesn't stock Lanthanated either. I filled out a little form on Diamond Ground's website and they sent me a 7" stick of 3/32 2% Lanthanated for free as well as a pamphlet about tungsten types and a booklet on how to properly grind your tungsten. Seems like a really good company.
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    Quote Originally Posted by parkour View Post
    I just got some PC consumables from them, they appear to be the same quality as the starter set that came with the PP60, but I haven't actually cut anything with them yet.

    Downsides are: about 2 weeks or so to cross the pacific, and the guy doesn't have quite the English skills of some of the other Chinese vendors.
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    I purchased some Chinese consumables through e-bay a while back. They arrived in 5 days. I can't even get UPS service that fast in most cases where I live in Texas. The only downside of the vendor I purchased from was that he said the parts were OEM consumables but a few weeks his auction was pulled because his consumables were counterfeit. They worked fine however.

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    I was actually looking towards a name brand if I could. Basically the cheapest place to get quality name consumables.
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    I use or arc-zone if I need something my LWS doesn't carry. I plan on using diamond ground for tungstens, but I haven't yet.
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    For tungsten, Diamond ground products for sure. They import their stuff from china, just like 98% of the tungsten currently out there, but their in-house quality control is WAY above and beyond what most of the "name brand" stuff is. Some sellers just get a load of tungsten in, all pre-packaged and stick their label on, and send it out. DGP actually inspects and tests the product to ensure that you're getting what you ordered. This was explained to me by a rep at Diamond Ground about a year ago
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    +1 on Diamond Ground. Their office is about 5 minutes from my house, so I can will call an ebay auction and pick it up on my way home from work. Once I bought the wrong tungsten, and they gave me what I wanted, not what I bought. They even offer to do an initial sharpen on whatever I buy for free. Super nice and professional team there. You can't go wrong buying from them.
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