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Thread: *NEW* Everlast Welding project contest 0908

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    Default video of bead roller

    If any one wants to see a video of the Bead Roller/E Wheel I built here is a link to youtube
    have fun

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    thats a really nice machine you built.

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    That is really cool. I do a lot of s/m fab myself and would love to get a full set of plans. I have a hand crank bead roller that does okay for small stuff usually made of aluminum, but your machine looks like the bomb. Nice job.


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    Thanks I have a web page with other projects I built and I am working one the plans for the combo unit now I should be done soon.

    have fun

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    Last time I saw it, it was a picture (on the other side of that door I think) and I was very impressed. The video is fantastic. Thanks for you time making it.

    Best of luck with the project. Have you thought about building (kitting) and selling them. Shipping would probably kill the buyer, heck welders are not cheap to ship.

    Anyway, excellent job.
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