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Thread: New video is out on PowerTig 185 micro from weldingtipsandtricks ...

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    Default New video is out on PowerTig 185 micro from weldingtipsandtricks ...

    Oleg Gladshteyn
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    I heard a rumor that this particular model can be hooked-up either 110V or 240V in the future. Is this true? If yes when? I'm still debating either to get the 185 or PowerTig 200DX. It boils down to the pulse feature, do I need it or not. There has been some interesting topics as of late regarding the pulse feature on the 200DX though.....


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    I believe the dual voltage 185 micro will be out later. The current 185 micro is not dual voltage.
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    I have learned so much from this mans videos...*sigh* If only I had the money to buy a PowerTig
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