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Thread: Using a spot weld gun with PowerPro 256?

  1. Default Using a spot weld gun with PowerPro 256?

    I have a PowerPro 256 and need to do some spot welding on car sheetmetal. Harborfreight sells a spot welding gun (item 98759) that can be used with DC stick welders and I am thinking about buying one.

    Has anybody tried this? Theoretically the welder should work fine with this when set to DC stick welding, right?

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    Should work fine, except the other designated spot welders have the advantage of making the two metals come together as they act as a big set of pliers during the spot weld, with the cheapy model you have to clamp the metal together and then come down on it. The cheapy model does have the advantage of setting your amps which the others do not.

    Keep in mind that the cheaper model will probably give larger spot welds than the designated spot welders, due to it's top down carbon arc weld method
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