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Thread: help troubleshooting ct-520d

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    Has anyone here ever had trouble with the power meter going to half level when the button is pushed in tig or plasma mode and no HF? thanks

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    check your plug first.
    what color are the wires?

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    It was cutting fine for about an hour and then started having trouble starting the arc. No smoke or burn spots any where. I have checked all conections inside and out. Checked voltages. There is 330 vdc on the output side and 220 ac on the input side. The wires are green/yellow blue and brown and I even swapped the blue and brown to see if that made any differance. It seems this must be something simple. Thanks for any ideas.

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    Is this an Everlast unit?

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    No. I wish it was. It seems like you have good customer service. I bought mine from simadre and will never buy from them again. I would like to troubleshoot this problem and then buy parts or a board from you.

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    Did the unit work when you received it and just stopped working, or never worked out of the box. The display should not be watched once the HF is triggered (not a good idea when welding or troubleshooting). Did you check the spark gap. Can you see an arc between the them when the trigger is pressed?

    I know nothing about their units, but the above should work for most HF inverters. You can call into our sales and support office, not sure what the load is and the repair center, but they can probably fix it. But you would have to check on that.
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    Thanks for the reply. It was cutting fine for about an hour and then started having trouble starting the arc. Then stopped starting all together. I checked the gap between points, they were fine, so I watched to see if any arcing and there was none. That is when I noticed the power meter would drop to half. Also the abnormal light is not on.
    My little book that came with it says it could be the step-up transformer, transformer on center board, secondary rectifier or relay on center board. That is a lot of things that could go wrong. Wow

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