I got to thinking about this turbo on a bike and wouldn't this be a rather large turbo for a bike? What is spool like? Laggy? I guess on a bike you are rev happy with it and are way out there but what is the initial spool like? I know this turbo is too large for what I would put on a 1.8T 4 cyl application.. The largest I would suggest on that is a 3076R and they really seem to like the GT28RS although fully spooled is getting up there. I could have gone larger on my motor but spool gets out there for what I would like to set my redline to. Factory redline is 7000 i think and my current NA chip lifts it 7200 which is probably what I will tune the standalone to. I do have heavy duty springs and titanium retainers so I really could rev higher without a problem but valve float in a motor with this much money and a daily driver seems too risky for what I want..