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    Has anyone ran into a problem with these Chinese made welders where your shop lights quit working when in the TIG mode? I have a Simadre CT520 that shuts a few of the lights off in the shop when you depress the torch switch. It only happens when the machine is in the TIG mode. The plasma and stick mode does not have issues. The TIG side still works well even when the lights go out. I sent an email to Simadre and haven't had much luck out of them responding. I also checked all input line voltage and amps to the welder and it is all fine. I assume that it is the HF interferring with the lights. Any suggestions?

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    This is a problem with all Tig welder with HF. High Frequency start is the cause. You should ground it separately if you have a ground bolt on the back. We have some threads about this I think. HF energy going wild will do damage if left unchecked, from blowing computer modems to causing flourescents to shut down or flicker. Adjusting the point gap can help as well. Sorry can't help you on their point gaps.

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    Thanks Mark for the quick response. It's reassuring to know someone is looking out to what is going on. When I get the money saved I'll be buying one of those AC/DC TIG's from you all. Pray that the wife doesn't keep spending it all....
    I'll try your suggestions tomorrow and adjust the points. And I will add a ground lead from it also. I will also look for the thread for this in the data base.

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