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Thread: project # 5 hardwood floor sanding/ sriping yotarover

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    Default project # 5 hardwood floor sanding/ sriping yotarover

    it's finally time to start upgrading around the house. first thing is first the hard wood floors. it's been about 8 yrs since they looked really nice. went to lowes and rented their ez sander - 40$ bought some sanding pads and some stripper. started sanding first then took a break and laid down the stripper house was built in 1965 . gotta use the phone for pics so i'll post pics later

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    finally got a couple pics. 3 layers of stripper. and now guess what decided trying to redo these floors is to expensive when i could get replace them. so for the time being i gonna carpet them . working from room to room

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    stupid me forgot to add the tools been working one them for the last 2-3 days haven't even set food in the living room yet. so far cost into this project is around 300$ but it's gonna be worth it when i get done. next project is either redo the bathroom floor, replace all 18 windows *price quote for windows was 4K* << i know i can find them cheaper. or tile or something in the kitchen. and pain the house. best part about it my best friend since we were lil bad ###'s is helping me. w/o the home remodel project wouldn't even be happening.

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    Hi Aaron

    Any progress on the floor? Please post some more pics if you have some.


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