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Thread: Can i fix damage?

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    I am wondering if i can take all the boards off that i need to on the top to take the silver support off and bend it back straight the welder is a250 ex everthing works as it should its just bent and i already have it all taken apart to check the points gap. is it a good idea as long as i put everything back the way it was or should i just leave it alone?i just dont want something to b under stress and then one day it just go out the other thing is when i was taking the green cover off the screws were under a lot of pressure because of the bent platform. One more thing i think and this is just me talking but if everlast would out a screw in the middle of the silver support platform and tie it in with the green case cover that would solve alot of the problems. I think this happened in shipping i dont see where else it would have happened and the other pic is a can not a very good pic but i just wanted to show the welders functionality its such a cool tool love it the other is the newest toy brand new lincoln ranger gxt 250 (clean power)
    thanx in advance for the advice and help
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    Well this isn't everlast talking, I am simply an initiated customer like yourself. But if it were me, I would reinforce those support brackets and add the two screws like you mentioned. That exact solution has been mentioned before on this forum. Is this a machine you just received? I have seen pictures of this same problem with brand new units before. Please keep in mind, however, if you do decide to move that support back up to square that you need to be aware of any connections or wires that have moved as well. As always, I defer to Mark, Mike or Ray. They are the paid professionals. You should make sure you get some input from one of them. If you run a screw in somewhere and short something a fry the whole machine I suppose it may not be covered.
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    If it works fine I probably would leave it alone, but that's my take. I'm always worried about fixing a problem and then causing another. Call support that way your not taking a risk on voiding the warranty.
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    Reminds me of a manufacturing defect I discovered (and addressed) back in 2007, when I first opened the covers on my Super200P (before I even fired it up for the first time.) Keep in mind this machine was made in a different factory than the machines currently sold by Everlast.

    Originally... the buss bar (pointing at it in the first picture below) was too long, and apparently the assembly line worker just jammed it in there to make it fit, bending the end of the circuit board it connects to in the process. (You can see in the second pic, the end of the mid-level circuit board is bent upwards.)
    Attachment 2441 Attachment 2442

    After I shortened (and flattened) the buss bar in question, the circuit board straightened out and relaxed. Now obviously, this is how the machine was *designed* to be put together. Here is how the same machine looks today with its covers off:
    Attachment 2440 Attachment 2439

    So um, yeah I guess I am a fan of fixing defects that are "fixable", rather than just "accepting" them, or pretending they don't exist. What action to take kind of depends on how long you expect or hope your machine to last (looking not just up until the end, but perhaps well beyond the warranty period.)
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    IMO, Everlast has an inferior chassis design for shipping (vs Longevity)
    The plastic front/rear panels, while attractive, provide no additional support when severe loads are applied (ie-shipping containers, UPS, FedEx, etc..). When the front/rear plastic panels crack/break, the 'box' itself will 'flex' causing the internals to respond unkindly (bend).
    That said, so far my experience with Everlast tech support has been excellent (detached wire problem cured), & issues I have had to date (cracked front bezel-PP256) have been resolved.
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    Thanx for all the advice and tips hoping one of the techs for everlsat could weigh in and say how hard it would be to take apart everything necessary in order to get the silver support out and bent back into shape (straightened) and also if i were to do this would i have to dive any deeper because there might be other bends deeper in the machine.i really hate the machine being like this but i dont want to have to send it out for repairs especially something this minor. Anyway thanx to all that have replied and weighed in with their opinions and help.

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