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Thread: Power Tig 225LX Pulse Question

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    Quote Originally Posted by performance View Post
    They used to say they wrote on a 6th grade, level, though I expect today it would be considered a 8th or 9th grade level. You have to pick a point where certain assumptions of understanding will be.
    Still the same at 6th grade. I do some work for Shipyards and the usual intent if we claim something is "self explanatory" is that is has to be 6th grade level.
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    I must be the biggest slacker, I am one class away from a Masters Degree and I never read any of the literature..... I did look at output amps, input amps, and wanted AC/DC capabilities. I did read the wiring diagram for my plug. I did watch the videos from Welding Tips and Tricks, and took some notes. I guess everyone has different expectations and needs from their machine.

    With that being said I have worked in an area where communication is paramount, and know how it feels when people misunderstand what you send stuff out. I also know what feels like to backed in a corner because of an error that was my fault.
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    mark, I think you're making this one a bit more complicated than it needs to be. the real problem was it was difficult to tell that the 200dx was a 3-position switch instead of a variable knob. I don't think you need to add a 'theory and applications of variable frequency pulse in GTAW welding' document, but a note saying that it's different from all the other machines you sell* with pulse features would probably be a good idea.

    *this may be different with the new models, though I'd hope not. being able to dial in pulse on the low end really helps for using it to 'scoot and pause' with the pulse timing.
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    It is becoming clear that you don't understand what the foot pedal does or how pulse operates. IT has nothing to do with pulse timing or Frequency. It has everything to do with controlling pulse amperage. As far as I am aware, there is not one single company out there that uses the foot pedal to manage pulse frequency. It further tells me you are less experienced than you make out to be. You mentioned this before, I think but I thought you misstated so I didn't say anything. I would suggest that you study up on pulse and its theory. I think you prove my point by the things I say, we have to come to the table with our figures and features by stating things simply. The customer has to have a certain level of welding "literacy". So, again if a customer doesn't understand, they need to look it up or ask. Some times the greatest rub comes with the customer knowing nothing, and then they get it and ask why it works that way or even though a feature is the same as the industry standard, they make a comment about us "really needing to change that."

    Second, I don't think that you comprehend the issue the customer is having. He does not like the way the pulse operates with the foot pedal, though the pulse isn't intended for foot pedal operation.

    Third, There is NO 3 position switch. There is an amp knob, actually 2 on the 200DX, one on the unit and one on the foot pedal. When you plug the foot pedal in, then the max amps are controlled at the foot pedal knob on the 200DX. They are not adjustable on the panel.

    Fourth, The real issue is that the foot pedal on the 200 DX does not control both base amps and pulse amps. It controls base amps only. The panel has a DIRECT PULSE amp control and an actual pulse amp value is selected that remains fixed independently of the main amperage(base amp) control. The pulse amp control does operate as a percentage of amps on the 200DX. This percent style is also known as ratio controlled. The actual pulse on the 225lx and 250EX is in reality a "dip" in amps, not a spike in amps like the 200 DX. The percentage controller means that wherever the main amp knob is set, the pulse amps will automatically be set at the percentage of main amps selected.

    5th, Because of the DIRECT control of the pulse amps on the panel, THERE IS NOT WAY POSSIBLE TO MAKE IT WORK THE SAME WITH A FOOT PEDAL. The only feasible way to make the pulse work in conjunction with the foot pedal is to allow the foot pedal to only control one amp value just as the main amp control knob does. Its simple logic, that if the pulse amps aren't tied into a ratio controlled adjustment, then the foot pedal will only control one amp level...

    Now why does it not operate the same? Price is one. We could offer 3 EX's at 3 different amp levels, but that would eventually kill sales overall and make it only feasable to sell one tig unit. The other reason is that there are legitimate reasons people WANT this style adjustment. If an amp knob is 25 ft away from the work being performed and an adjustment is needed, then its not easy to crawl out from something and walk over to the welder to make the change. Its easy to twist the knob on the pedal that is close, at foot or stuck between your knees. That is the main reason. We have requests for both styles. We provide this type control on a basic unit this way so that customers who use a foot pedal, and prefer one, and will never use all the slope features has a good functioning unit that is flexible and able to be used in this type situation.

    The "effect" of the pulse when the pedal is depressed can be one of two things on the 200 DX, depending on the actual setting of the pulse and the amp knob setting on the unit.

    1) If the pulse is set at the same level as the amp knob or any where close, it will appear that the pulse is "fading" out as the pedal goes down further. This is because the amps equalize and there is not a noticeable difference in amps, and eventually it will all but dissappear if the the amps are equal or nearly so.

    2) The pulse if it is at a lower amp value of any given foot pedal knob/foot pedal position, then when the amp value is surpassed, it is effectively shut off.

    Its a simple way of operation, but is more complicated to explain the effect as you can see here.

    To set the pulse amps on the 200 DX, you will need to know something about proper pulse operation. Again, pulse is not designed for foot pedal operation. It works best at 2 fixed amperages so that a precise heat control can be maintained. Otherwise its a dog chasing its tail.
    BUT...if it is used, the pulse amps should be set at the high amp desired. As the foot pedal is pressed, it will start with the foot pedal amps and then as the circuit kicks in, it will begin to pulse. The pedal should be set for the maximum base amp level desired. IF a weld gets too hot, the foot pedal easily reduces the heat by dropping the cooling phase temperature only.

    IF pulse is to be used with a unit, then it is best to use this style IMPO. The other style is like using a "mushy" gas pedal with a 4 cylinder engine in a buick roadmaster.
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    Quote Originally Posted by performance View Post
    Second, I don't think that you comprehend the issue the customer is having. He does not like the way the pulse operates with the foot pedal, though the pulse isn't intended for foot pedal operation.
    Mark, In case there is any confusion,
    I do not like the way the pulse feature works PERIOD. Foot pedal or not.

    I am disappointed in my purchase which was led to by an advertising error; I would never knowingly buy a welder with the 200DX style pulser. I'm offering to give Everlast MORE money and for some bizarre reason you are being stubborn and ignorant about it and turning this into a much worse situation for both parties than it should have ever been.

    I can appreciate the level of difficulty involved with maintaining an accurate website, but that is not my responsibility nor of any concern to me.

    Furthermore, this thread is NOT about how the pulser works, etc. This thread is about acquiring an upgraded model, NOT how the machine physically operates. No offence intended, but I don't need anyone telling me "how" I should be welding. I am a professional welder, my methods are solid and commonly used. You don't sell a weldor a machine and tell him he's wrong about his personal preferences. Even going there is unprofessional, insulting, and only portrays a "clueless know it all" mentality.
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    The way the pulse feature works with the torch switch feature, would not make much difference in practical function. I am not the one being stubborn. I said that the buck stops with the boss. I have deferred to him and the stated policy. I have pointed out the fact that we will definitely LOOSE money on the deal because we will have to resell the unit you return at a significant loss.

    I am NOT trying to tell you how to weld. You can weld how you want. I am using this thread to inform and educate for the benefit of others, as this forum exists for Everlast Technical support and information. I have not insulted you, or called you names or anything of the sort, yet you have several times. I will give you ONE warning. Yes you are a customer, but your tenor from saying you were" duped" to calling the moderator a KNOW IT ALL, and CLUELESS will get you booted. Any one who says he doesn't need anyone telling him how to weld ought to examine his own attitude. I am here to help, offer suggestions and yes, tell people how to weld if the case warrants. That is one of my functions in the company. IF I see something that can be remedied, I have a right and duty to say so. I have worked intimately with these machines, live breath and work with every feature and function in depth. I am also formally educated in welding AND experienced in the field of welding. I also have had considerable, and successful retail/wholesale major purchase experience. I know what our company goals are and the REASON we do things why and how we do them, whether from a marketing standpoint or our future plans. You had made complaints, and I have offered explanations and reasoning and have stated our policies and deferred to the boss's enforcement and reiteration of it as well. I have done everything I am hired and expected to do in this thread. I make no apologies for that. Now if you are offended, I do apologize, but you have been the name caller here. We don't mind constructive criticism, or helpful suggestions as long as they are intended to help. But the negativity which you entered this thread is NOT either. We recognize your issue, and I apologize that you didn't find the 200DX up to your expectations. But in the end, we are abiding by ALL our policies, and the terms and purchase agreement YOU entered into when you bought this machine. Its not as if we aren't...If I were in control of the company, I might do things differently in a case like this, but I don't have that call to make. Again, Final warning. If I were you, I'd contact Oleg and discuss this privately. It might work wonders, and it might not. But the longer you bash him and the moderator's of this site, it puts you in a precarious position all the way around for him to want to go outside of the normal terms and policies to help you. For now this thread is here to help other purchasers of a 200DX to understand the operation.

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