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Thread: pictures of the car I am building

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    Default pictures of the car I am building

    I hope these count for purposes of the contest. This is a 69 camaro we are building for the autorama show in detroit. This one will be going up for the ridler award. The frame is all tubular stainless steel. Everything has been made by us from stock metal. These are not current photos, right now I am building and wiring the interior of the vehicle but I don't have any more pics right now.

    I still cannot believe that I actually get paid to do this!!
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    That is beautiful for sure. I like my job, but that does make me a little jealous.

    You do the pain in-house too?
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    naturally, I'm interested to see more pictures. from 'stock metal' do you mean you stamped the panels, or bought a new body? when I was working for my dad we did a 69 firebird (he might not actually be done with it, to be honest, the spyder sortof took over when I left) that we basically replaced all the sheetmetal on. everything but the inner quarters, uppper firewall, and roof. oh, and the hood. they don't make new non-400 hoods.

    we never did any chassis work like that, though. I'm interested to see more pics of the chassis. I'm going to have to make a full frame for the morris, or adapt another frame. looks like mandrel bent tubing, you do that in house? I'm slightly envious of your tooling

    I'm curious why you chose a 69 camaro to go after the ridler? not that you CAN'T win with a camaro, but the odds are a little stacked against you, especially with the muscle boom waning.

    looks like a heidts rear, did you go heidts in the front, too? I can't tell from the picture. I've always wanted to build a car with that rear end. haven't had any luck convincing a customer to drop that kind of coin on it, though.
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    I know this doesn't ad to post count but Dude, SWEET!
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    That is awesome! How much horsepower is in that motor!!
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    Thanks Everybody. I should have been more clear. The exterior body panels were actually from a stock camaro. I am not allowed to name specific manufacturers of any components, though. Sorry. But yes the frame is what I meant was built from stock metal. It was all bent in house. And yeah we do our own paint in house, too. The engine is a 568 big block. As for the choice of car, that was the customer's decision.
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