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    Hello again...
    Here are a hand full of photos of a recent desk I built that was well overdue. Including the P/U of materials, preparing materials, fitting, welding, & finish this simple yet effective desk only consumed 8, 1/2 hrs. Of my time since the legs were refurbished from an older desk that I refused to just scrap.... The stock used was 1.5" x 3/16wall flat Crs scrap I had laying around, & 6 cuts of red oak from home depot. The legs were recycled 2"x3/4" sq. Hollow 1/16wall tube. The desk measures 33,1/4"x6'x32,3/4". I was extremely motivated to upgrade my desk due to a lack of worktop space... The only thing I feel is missing now are drawers, which I'm considering building separate then bolting on. But for now I've got the space I need to start my next series...

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    what do you use the desk for? the way you built it i really like it, if you bolted the top down you should make another top. out of steel and double the desk as a welding table. just an idea. from the looks of you u have enough space to add a removable bench vise to . you should check out my welding table (to heavy to move by my self which is always the case lol)

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    I'm using this desk indoors for now for just about anything.... I tend to prefer wood when sculpting with wax, plaster, clay etc. or mold making. But right now the only thing on it is my notebook, printer, & some bills. As for metal work I've got a 3/4" steel plate table in the garage that's a beast (@least 400 - 500lbs). Years ago I got REAL lucky one day in picking up some scrap metal & came across it. As for this one, it is pretty solid... however I'm thinking it needs more(x4) supports for a little insurance. If you look at one of the pics you can clearly see there are only 2 vertical supports, & i'm thinking 4 more would help me sleep better...
    As a man thinketh, so shall he be.

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