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Not long ago I purchased one of those security bars for steering wheels from a local store because I wanted to add an extra theft deterrent to a vehicle of mine. Well it wasn't broke , but I decide to modify it anyway. In doing so I added a few links of chain to each end. I'd got to thinking that if someone really wanted to bypass it, It would take little more than a hacksaw. However with multiple lock points comes additional hurdles... thus triggering a silent alarm leaving a thief susceptible to the own3r. This modification didn't take more than an hour or so, & has in fact done it's job for the past few months. So today I thought I'd remove a little more rubber from the handle as evenly as I could, & then mask, prime, and paint. After increasing the angle @ which the chain link was originally stick weld to the bar points to greater than 90 degrees for increased ease of use during installation & removal.(24"x5.5"x5")

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