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Thread: 1995 Lexus sc400

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    Post 1995 Lexus sc400

    Details: 95 Lexus Sc400 v8,auto, power sunroof,door locks,windows,ac,tilt wheel ,powered and heated seats, Black with Tan interior leather with wood-grain trims. just rolling into 182K miles. tons of power *has not been raced or dogged i didn't buy for it for that that's what honda's are made for* memory seats and steering. Nakimitchi Prem audio (seems to keep blowing the fuse in under the hood side think the unit is just old. other models came with the pioneer. all speakers work including the factory 12" sub in behind the seat. ac blows cold but im having it recharged. no leaks uses no oil. runs and drives great rides like a caddy and hugs the road like it's supposed to. i sanded down the factory 16's getting them ready for the full polish (weather has been crazy here in nc now it's hot as hell.

    i dd this car to my doc's appointments come home it goes under the car port and the cover goes on it as it needs protection from mother nature.

    the org window reg have failed so i'll be fixing that problem this weekend.

    im asking $2600 liked to get up to 2800. or trade for 4x4 toyota pickup extended cab or a 4runner with a 22re. need working 4x4 (dont mind if it needs a drive shaft as long as it has one front or rear. dont mind rock rash either or paint (no rust and frame has to be solid) a sas'd one would be even better. engine needs to be running as well no rod knock (reason mines waiting for the new engine to be built and parts to be fabricated)

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    sorry for the links i'll fix them later. seems when you upload pics using snapbucket their huge i gotta resize them because the forum wont accept the img link but does for the ones in my photo album (i know gay)

    my location is Forest City NC 28043
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    Those year 400's were nice. Hope you get what you were asking. We can all own a nice car someday if we wait and buy it well used.
    Something you might want to consider is posting the photos directly from your computer instead of using a hosting site. Use the go advanced button and then click on manage attachments and then click select files. Follow this and having direct posted pictures spark more interest.

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    didn't realize that worked here. other forums require photosmucket or another hoster. thanks for the tip.. i wanna keep it i know as soon as i sell it im gonna want it back. it's just way to comfortable for me (speedy,smooth and im paranoid about the car being kept clean) im use to being in a lifted 4x4 and not having to worry about anything cause i've got a huge bumper,tires,and it' prob wont ever let me get to 160mph. haven't tried to reach 130 yet but i've hit the hwy just cursing at 110 it moves like it glides but it's so fast that you dont realize it. like you could go to sleep if it drove itself.

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    no takers? im willing to drive the car to the buyer depending on where you are and how well the deal seems to be. i'd rather still trade for a truck or 4 runner

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    bump come on guys

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    A road trip to Utah?? just kidding man, the airfair back would wipe out your profit.... Nice car thogh, I'd love to have it.
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