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Thread: EV-200ACDC & WSME-200 differences?

  1. Default EV-200ACDC & WSME-200 differences?

    I bought a "EVERLAST EV-200ACDC WELDER AC/DC PULSE TIG ARC (MMA)" from you on EBay. I received a "WSME-200" with the Everlast sticker on the side. See pics.

    Aside from the obvious differences in the plugs in the front, and the fact that the WSME-200 has 2 sets of louvers on the side, what other differences are there? Use the same manual?[attachment=0:3q8c2pnd]DSCI0006c~1.JPG[/attachment:3q8c2pnd][attachment=1:3q8c2pnd]309_1~1.jpg[/attachment:3q8c2pnd]

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    Same manual will work for both, other than the pilot arc wire that connects to the terminal post to the right of the torch remote switch on the front panel..

    The pilot arc manual should be on the forum now, it was updated Friday.
    Mike R.

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