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Thread: New CONTEST JUNE 1-JULY 31

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    Default New CONTEST JUNE 1-JULY 31

    New contest starting June 1. See Below.
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    New contest: June 1-July 31st
    We’ve got a new contest ready to go. This time we are giving away our all new PowerMTS 200 or the equivalent 1350.00 of Green Bucks. The new MTS 200 is a 200 amp MIG with true DC lift start tig and Stick functions. We once again will feature a posting requirement of 60 posts. However, NOW, you can stack the deck in your favor, by entering more than once and increasing your odds of winning. How? Simply post a project with pictures and details. Each project posted will count as an additional entry. Each time you post a project, your name will go down into the “hat”. We realize that not all people will be able to post a project, but completing 60 ADDITIONAL posts during the contest (over and above what you have on May 31st) will enter you once. You’ll still have a chance to win. Old projects not posted before, and new ones in process can be posted. We ask that they have something to do with welding, metal working, or some form of fabrication. However, we know not all of you have a welder, so if its legitimate, and its wood, cement, or it involves heavy equipment we’ll take it. Please post these projects under the projects section. Other posts can be throughout the forum. Keep in mind your project posts count toward your number of posts needed to fulfill the requirements. Also, please remember:
    1) Spamming, saying, good job, cool project, etc is discouraged and subject to being removed, causing your post count to go down.
    2) Be courteous; don’t make fun of a project. The quality of the project may vary, due to people’s skill level. IF you see something that needs improvement, say so constructively, with a possible solution.
    5) By the end of the contest, you must have 60 MORE posts than you have at the beginning. In other words, if you have 35 at the beginning of the contest, you must have 95 at the end, not just 60 total posts.

    1) Projects should include: a) pictures b) details about size, dimension if applicable c) time took to complete, or estimated projection d) materials used e) discussion of why/how/what/etc was the reason you needed or wanted to do the project.
    2) State: This is project 1, project 2 from _____ (your screen name), a_________ (subject matter i.e.: fence) in the title line etc.

    Once again here is the fine print contractual stuff that you need to be aware of:
    By entering this contest, the winning entrant agrees to keep and maintain the Everlast unit(s) and not to sell or otherwise divest the unit for a period of 2 years. Also, by entering, the entrant agrees to be used as a reference for up to two years and his/her promotion and their likeness and comments be used in any future promotional literature. Everlast may ask for the entrant’s honest, heartfelt comments about the “prize” unit after a period of time to be used in evaluation, product improvement and promotions. No actual cash compensation will be made to the contest winner. The winning entrant also agrees to hold Everlast harmless /blameless against any, death, injury, loss of time, or other damage or inconvenience while using an Everlast product or by entering this contest. Everlast is not responsible for paying any applicable state, federal or local taxes that may be incurred from the winnings of this promotion and the winning entrant agrees to assume any tax responsibility and shipping incurred. Odds of winning are dependent upon the actual number of qualified entries received by the deadline date and time. By entering this contest, the contestant acknowledges and agrees to the terms and conditions of this contest. Final determination of eligibility is conditioned upon meeting the above criteria and the decision rests with Everlast.
    Contestants must be 1) Either in the continental US or Alaska OR 2) pay shipping costs and any duty or taxes due.

    Contest starts June 1, 2011. Happy Posting!!!

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    Nothing counts until the 1st. That's the rules. I'll delete all the posts and restart it on the 1st. But use this time to clarify and ask questions. I thought most things were pretty clear, but its impossible to gauge human reaction.

    Again to summarize:

    You must make 60 posts during the 2 month time period to meet the minimum qualification for one entry. You can enter the competition any time, but you will only qualify after 60 additional posts are completed by the end of the contest

    State your current post count
    Posting officially starts the 1st. Tomorrow.
    Post already made don't count. You can repost some project material but a project entails MORE than one picture and DETAILS. IF you repost, you must include more information if possible. The idea of the project is to give others ideas and help welding and fabricating so they can improve their welding skills and knowledge. Share, and play it forward. That's the idea. That's the rules. Period.

    Posting projects, DO COUNT TOWARD THE 60. THESE NEED TO BE POSTED IN THE PROJECT SECTIONS. DO NOT PUT THEM IN THE GALLERY ONLY. YOU CAN put them in the gallery, if you like, but they must ALSO be under the "project" section with DETAILS about it.

    Posting is to reenter you. You may post anywhere you like for the additional 60 posts. They may or may not include projects. A person can qualify for the competition ONCE without any projects posted. A person with 3 projects that are included in the 60 posts will have a total of 4 entries. 3 projects + 1 60 post count entry=4 qualifiedentries. 3 Project and 50 posts=0 qualified entries. Once 60 posts are achieved, it gives you the minimum you need to qualify...IF you already have projects, those are automatically included. Its actually very simple, but don't overthink it. 60+ posts ARE required to meet the minimum standards. It does not have to come first, but you must have 60 additional posts by the end of the competition. 60 posts is your buy in so to speak. If you don't have it, you won't be seated at the table to play for the big prize.
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    Well, there are minimum charachter requirements required by the forum itself to make a post. 4 letter words don't count. lol.

    Spam will be deleted. I won't be policing every post, but we will delete it if we see something we feel is "tacked" on as a spam post. We decide if it feels "spammy" or not. Getting started, a lot of guys are in the learning mode so brief posts will occur. But as people improve their knowledge, more information and intelligent questions naturally follow.

    But I guess I need to mention, additionally that resurrecting 3 year old threads can also be a "form" of spamming. Just check the date at the top. IF you have an update to one that you started a while back, fine. But don't say "Nice post, any updates?" if its a year or more old.

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    Posting begins now. Any posts previous to June 1, 2011 12 am (EDT) have been deleted and do not count and will not be considered as an entry. Please start over. And please don't complain about having to. Those are the rules and we got to have them.

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    Cool I am first for once. I am entering the contest:

    Current post count is 113 I will need 173 to qualify. Qualifications met 16 June 2011.

    2 Projects posted for an additional 2 entries as of 16 June. (total 3 qualifying entries as of 16 June)

    Current restarting Post count for 2nd entry is 174. will need 234 for 2nd entry. (Edit made 235 by 31 July for another entry)

    Last edited by Tritium; 07-31-2011 at 08:47 PM. Reason: first 60 post completed. second 60 started at 174, second 60 post completed (4 entries total to date)
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    Miller Suitcase X-Treme 12VS wire feeder for the Bobcat with M-25 300A .045" gun / Bernard 400A 5/64" wire mig gun .
    26 series gas cooled TIG torch, setup for quick connect to Bobcat.
    17 series gas cooled Tig Torch for Low Amp Solar Tig (Direct Solar Panel Powered Tig welding)
    Hobart Handler 187 Mig / Fluxcore
    EVERLAST PowerUltra 205P
    EVERLAST PowerTig 250 EXT 2013 Model

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    my count is 106, I'll need 166 to qualify.

    I might even get off my butt and do some projects. Some won't be weld related, but I'll post them anyway and you can work out the count.
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    LOTS of scuba and vintage scuba equipment [I'm Always willing to trade or buy the stuff you think is too old to use]
    Smithy XLT Mill/lathe [It was easier to learn than I thought, I'm no pro, but I can make a bearing hanger]
    Everlast PP256

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    My post count is 91.. Need to at 151 to qualify..
    Everlast 255EXT - Perfection
    Everlast PowerPro 256 - UPS Demolished
    Everlast MTS200s
    12 Ton Shop Press
    DeWalt Hand Tools/ChopSaw

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    Hello everyone ! my post count is 2
    "The object of war is not to die for your country but to make the other bastard die for his." --General George S. Patton

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    Don't post your projects in this thread. Start a thread in the appropriate forum. This thread is just for signing up for the contest.

    What the heck, post count 56, count me in. I doubt I'll make the minimum but who knows?

    Rookie Welder with a PowerArc 200 and a PP50
    2010 Kubota BX2660

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    All Prerequisites met
    Post count 165 before this post I need 225 to qualify

    please enter me
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    MTS 200 workhorse
    PowerTig 250EX <---sweet
    80 amp HF inverter arc welder
    Lincoln Buzzbox
    Rotobrute AC-35 Mag Drill
    Milwaukee mag drill
    HF Heavy Duty 16 Speed Bench Drill Press (Custom made Adjustable Height stand)

    I gotta find more junk to sell on EBaY ... Must Buy a Plasma Cutter and a Mig Welder

    Fullerton, Ca

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    Entered. Post count prior to this one = 217
    '13 Everlast 255EXT
    '07 Everlast Super200P

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    Got a few projects lined up so I will toss my hat in the ring

    This is post 205 need 265 to qualify
    sold my miller mig
    got a PT250EX
    saving up for a plasma cutter

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    I guess I'll enter. Current post count:9 need:69

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    Mrmozambique, Please post your projects under the appropriate forum. Please reread the directions. Its good someone missed reading the directions at the beginning so we can head this off. Also, Post MORE THAN ONE picture, in different stages of development. Anyone can take a finished picture and say "I made that"... Give more details than a simple few words about it.

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    Count me in- thanks, Everlast! This is post #85 for me. I have a new idea for a project bouncing around in my head (I've given up on the idea of welding two lawn mowers together to do the job in half the time) so I may be able to stack the deck a little too. Thanks again!

    Dave O
    Oxweld oxy acet gear
    IMIG 200
    PowerTIG 210 EXT... Amazing!

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    Count me in. 94 posts. Hopefull racing goes well in two weeks and I can have a few more projects to post about soon :-)

    Everlast 200DX
    Everlast PT185
    Shoptask 3-in-1 (not currently in my garage, but I own it...)

    Any day on a motorcycle like this that ends just needing parts and labor is a good day.
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    Post count 139

    Millermatic 251
    Spectrum 300 Plasma
    Everlast PowerTig 250EX
    Everlast PowerCool W300
    Harris / Victor OA
    Craftsman 13 Speed Drill Press
    ProTools Air/Hydraulic Bender
    48" Brake, 72" Brake, 52" Stomp Shear
    Mitler Bros. 36" High Throat Bead Roller
    Compressor, Notchers, Grinders, etc.

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    Chris (Injected65) - Currently 1 post, need 61 to qualify.

    Everlast Powertig 200DX
    Miller Synchrowave 200
    Miller Dynasty 300 (Work Machine)
    Hobart Handler 210MVP
    HTP Microcut 30

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    OOOO! New contest. I need a GOOD mig.

    I been busy re-doing the SS exhaust for my boat. There was too much restriction in the baffle system I put in so I had to virtually 'disassemble' and rebuild the dang thing so I haven't been around for a while.

    I gots 111 posts so I need 171 to qualify. I don't remember what projects I've posted so I'm not sure if I'll 'double post' some of them. How do I find out???

    Everlast 225 LX
    Everlast PP 50

    HF 130 TIG/90 ARC
    HF 90 fluxcore

    ATX MIG (don't ask)

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