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Thread: Front dethatcher for garden tractor build

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    Default Front dethatcher for garden tractor build

    I had a plan to build a front mounted dethatcher for the tractor and this is how it ended up. I had already added tabs to the front grill guard to hold weights so I just used the 1" round for a pivot pin. I added tabs to mount the cylinder and the lift arm I used to allow the frame to float. At this point I was still cutting all my pieces with a 4-1/2" grinder and cutoff wheels.
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    Here are a few pictures of the completed unit mounted on the tractor.

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    This is the complete system for fall and spring cleanup. It took a little time to get use to driving this thing since the cyclone rake does not pivot and follow when turning.

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    Nice work. You like a project as much as I do.

    You must have an open uncluttered yard. I'd hate to have to navigate that long setup between and through all the shrubs and trees in my yard. I got lazy and started to mow with the loader on my BX once and it wasn't long till I had the loader in the fence.

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