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Thread: Pa200/ PP60 welder cart

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    Default Pa200/ PP60 welder cart

    I finally got around to taking some pictures of the welder cart I made for the PA200 and PP60.Attachment 1906Attachment 1907Attachment 1908

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    Here are some pictures of it loaded up. I did notice how the plasma torch connector was just hanging out there so I built a bumper around it. I also made the cart so the plasma cutter could only be put in or taken out from the front so I had to make the bumper removable.
    Attachment 1909Attachment 1910Attachment 1911Attachment 1912

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    Looks good, such things are often called Labours of Love as they make your heart feel good when you do them.

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    The last pictures show the Motorguard air filter mounting and air lines.

    Attachment 1913Attachment 1914

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    Nice job Scooter. Looks great!

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