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Thread: BIG FAT Bar B Que Grill II

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    Default BIG FAT Bar B Que Grill II

    Here's a project that has literally been laying in my drive for a while. Decided to get it started this week. Just to give you an idea how long its been, the metal was brand new when I bought it.

    Sorry for the grainy and blurry images. I was using my HD cam corder, with an alleged 8 MP camera built in. Its dark and the image quality isn't that good when its light. My old fuji 2.2 MP takes better pictures still. Maybe you can get some ideas.

    Talk amongst yourselves. I am feeling a little verklempt.

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    Here's a few more.

    BTW did I mention it is being done with as much Everlast equipment as possible?

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    Looks like you have a good start. I still haven't started mine yet. I have to get my plasma cutter first. So in BFBBQ I, you have the firebox mounted on the end. I was wondering how a rear-mount would effect smoke/heat distribution? I just scored a different CAD software, so I'll be spending some time learning it before I can draw what I'm wanting, but I already know that the main focus of the design will be ease of cleaning.
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    What part are you trying to clean? A hot fire will usually cook out any dirt. lol.

    The best design was where I mounted the fire box directly UNDER the cooker. About as even as you could get, but this one will have a removable diffuser up top to spread the heat and smoke. It will have twin stacks mounted on each end. This will work. The "hot" spots and things are really overblown unless the unit is poorly designed. I drew my first couple out. But after you see the smoke behavior, you can kind of learn what is best. I live in the heart of B-B-Que country, where we value the smoke flavor, not the sauce(though sauce is important but not required). I grew up around smokers and grills at church picnics, farm shops, High School ball games, small town festivals, champion ship bar b que restaurants etc. I've seen (and used a few as well) about every configuration known to man....The best yet was an old refridgerator, that had been set up to smoke some mullet...I didn't typically like mullet, but that day changed my mind about mullet...smoked mullet anyway. Coincidentally, though similar in design to the old 'fridge, these upright stainless boxes are for the birds. Some local restaurants have started using them. I just don't think their que is as good anymore. I miss the good old open pits that used to populate the countryside. Most of these restaurants with these high end box smokers have either closed to owners dying or selling out, or they have wanted to modernize and go into the catering business. They disbanded their pit on favor of using the smoker since they needed someway to "pay" for their investment, and keeping both maintenanced and in operation was more than they cared for.

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    Updating. Here are a few better pictures of some of the welds.
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    The welds are with the I MIG 160.

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    ok now cook us some bbq and how us pics your making me hungry thinking about ribs and burgers

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    The last few I have. I really have to get a better camera. This is with a hi def video camera...supposed to have an 8 mp camera still camera in it. My old camera takes better pictures than this but the storage is an older style so its a pain to load and transfer. Sorry for repeating myself, but this camera is getting to me. My wife dropped my old one (again)...I had it for a long time before we got married and she has destroyed her personal one and now she has taken my old reliable out through a series of drops and mishaps. Never got dropped before she started using it after she damaged hers. Still love her, but the video cam is off limits.
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    Whenever you get this all perfected, run out here to Kansas City to the American Royal BBQ contest and do some competeing with it. There usually is at least a couple hundred or so smokers going all at once. You got to be here to enjoy all of the smells.... Its making me hungry just thinking about it.

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    Here's the final product, enjoy:
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    Did you order the fenders online or get them local? And how much if were they. Like the front shelf too.

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    No, they build them locally. About 20.00 for the pair.

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    Thanks. I was told I can get them about $10 each locally. Never told where but that matches up with here. I need some for my little grill.

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    Check the gauge and quality. I think actual cost was about 18, if I remember right. A lot of those fenders are bent crooked or not just "right" if they are too flimsy.

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