I forgot my camera at home so I took the pics with my IPhone. I didn't get any pics of my welds up close but I was in a hurry and did not clean the metal properly before welding and no purge was used as I was not setup for it. In the end I think it turned out great for a first time learning/practice. I will TIG now and use less MIG.. In the end I pretty much made sure that I penetrated and got a good seal. I tried to dab the rod and it was working ok but I was not straight so then I did lay wire and was moving too slow I left a rather large bead. On to the project now..

Here I welded a test pipe to a 18" resonator. 309 rod was used to join the mild/aluminized to the stainless. This will be cut off later and I will make a stainless piece for it.
I added the vband flange after getting the next piece made but I didn't take a pic before.

After that was in its location, I moved to the worst part of the entire exhaust.. This section goes from the front of the back seat over the rear beam. I started first with just pipe..

Then I added the resonator and took out some pipe. Also the last bend over the beam was added here. The vband was not added until this section was made to fit and the muffler was located. The vband was done at the same time as the front section.

The rear vband was not added until the rear section was done but here are the completed pics of this section.

Then finally is the rear.