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    I have had this scooter in storage for the last couple of years. I traded it from my big brother for an impact wrench. It lasted about 50 feet and the chain broke. Then it lasted a week and the spoerk plug fouled out. Then it lasted a month and i got a flat tire. Then 2 months and a little plastic piece that's part of the choke snapped, and I got P@%ed and stuck it in storage. There she sat until a couple weeks ago. I have managed to find all the paqrts to get this thing back up except the arr cleaner element and the backikng plate. anyone have any idea where a guy could find parts for one of these things. (preferably used)?
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    I've had good experiences with a site called and I checked there but they don't carry Zooma. There's other online sites with parts, but for used parts I'd try EBay next-
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    I just googled zooma engine and got this:

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    You might also check out Go-Ped stuff, the carb on yours looks very similar to the carbs on the Gopeds I had a couple years ago and parts for them are widely available.
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    Thanks geez! ya go give me this link, and what do I get? A website that I could spend a month's pay on modifying this little bugger. For about $350.00, It looks like I could get enough performence to hit the interstate.
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    ESAB Migmaster250
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