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Thread: My first ever TIG welds. Field mower repair

  1. Default My first ever TIG welds. Field mower repair

    I needed to repair the wear strips on my dads old ford field mower. After using a torch and banging my head against a wall thinking how much faster, easier, and CLEANER a everlast plasma cutter would have been to get the job done. I decided to at least have a little fun. My bro has his linde tig welder setup at my dads shop and even though i can hold my own with my migmaster or stick weld i wanted to give this TIG thing a go. Hooda happened to be there so I had him set the thing up and talk me through the process. heres pics. I was taught how to torch weld as a youngster (it's almost a family requirement) so with a little brotherly love talking me through (breathing down my neck), I was able to fumble my way thru. I see iit as a lot "busier" than other types of welding, and a heck of a lot cleaner. I'm excited at the possibilities this has for me. What do ya think?
    Miller Dialarc 250
    ESAB Migmaster250
    Smith Heavy Duty OXY/ACETYLENE outfit
    Arcair gouging set

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    That looks a lot better than my first time trying to TIG weld. I ended up with more holes than a block of swiss cheese.
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    90 amp chicago electric flux mig
    10"-22" Grizzly lathe
    15"-5.5" Grizzly vertical end mill

    In need of nice TIG machine. drooling over PowerTig 250ex

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    Thanks, dude, keep in mind that I had another guy looking over my shoulder talking me through it the whole time, I dout that I could have done that well on the 1st go without him.
    Miller Dialarc 250
    ESAB Migmaster250
    Smith Heavy Duty OXY/ACETYLENE outfit
    Arcair gouging set

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    That is not bad at all for the first time tig welding. It took me forever to be able to run a bead!
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    That looks really good. I was able to run a nice bead except I think I moved too slow because my bead was not really flat.
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    Everlast PowerPro 256 - UPS Demolished
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