Everlast Crowd,

Just wanted to introduce myself.....

I'm from the west coast of California and pretty much a hobby based welder that will build, fabricate, design (not in that order) anything that I can afford to based on whatever mental picture I have of an item and if the design and material will "work with me". When your prototyping something from a mental image it's all "trial and error" as you know!

I'm a "self-taught" welder, so I just up and decided one day that I could weld and started doing it! After researching welding techniques and the various processes, I eventually recently saved up and purchased a Miller 211 MIG machine that I learned to "strike an arc" on and of course am getting better with the bead as time progresses on various projects.

Thus far, I have built various intakes and exhaust systems for vehicles, various brackets for multiple applications, tool carts for projects, repaired vehicle frames, built salt water fish tank frames, and "not so gloriously" often use it to remove stubborn bolts when the heads are "broke off" and the scenario allows for it. I also have an oxy-acetylene setup that I use, but the heat input makes it somewhat limited to specific projects.

Anyway, I really do need a good TIG machine and as I was researching I ran into these Everlast products. That's how I got here. Aluminum and other non-steel metals require a TIG welder for a nice bead, but of course steel TIG welds are beautiful as well.

I saw the contest and am like that's a "great incentive" to "get people into your products" and decided to join this forum.

So, if I get lucky....I'm hoping to win the Green Bucks contest of course, but only time will tell on that!

Look forward to posting in the meantime!

~Everlast JJ