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Thread: How to upload pictures/projects to the forum

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    Default How to upload pictures/projects to the forum

    You have a few options to get your projects pictures online and you can do a combination of the picks below as well.

    1) Make a new thread and upload them a batch of I think 10 at a time (easy way, best way). People will see them anytime they go in your thread. You have multiple threads where the text and photos are related and organized. See post 3.

    2) Upload them into your personal album (it was sort of a pain for me at first). This method, people can click on your username and go in your album to see them, but they can see all your projects this way, and you can keep them organized and in one place. This is a little trickier, but more like what you just did to get them online (you again upload from your computer). See post 3

    3) You can upload them in the gallery. There's a gallery button at the top of each page. You will be mixed in with all the other members entries/projects, but like the album, organized. A little harder to be found this way, but people can view your projects and the more views you get the more you stay at the top if they select most popular over random. Sort if neat. This is a new feature we just added.

    4) Same as number one, make a thread and put "links" to the pictures on the other service, rather than re-upload them. Not recommended, but if you know all your URLs, you can just paste them in, so it is faster. Some people will not look as they have to click on the link to see them, unless you embed them via html.

    Hope this helps and sure it will be edited down the road.
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    can you increase the file size permissions for .pdf types?

    I have 3 that are less than 100kb

    odd, since I can upload a picture that is several Mb worth

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    Quote Originally Posted by halojumper View Post
    can you increase the file size permissions for .pdf types?

    I have 3 that are less than 100kb

    odd, since I can upload a picture that is several Mb worth
    Your pics are resized automaticly and are no longer several Mb once uploaded. You could post a screenshot or multiple screenshots of your open pdf as a workaround.
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    I am having trouble uploading a avatar.
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