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    Default not new but new to the forum

    I have been welding for over 14 years currently working in the aerospace field as a GTAW welder working with stainless 308 Monel,inconel Titanium and Aluminum
    Before i got into aerospace i was a doing structural steel 232 innershield and Reg ole Rod Burnin and before that i was Doing Pipe Work Nuclear Certed pressure vessel 1 1/4 thickness full tig pipe repairs for Deep sea Drilling risers

    Started out as a hobby as a kid and turned into a career ... Currently going to school to get my Engineering Degree in Welding Technologies well thats enough about me
    Lincoln precision tig 275
    Miller Syncrowave 350 Tig
    Miller 250 Mig
    old miller 200 Mig
    HF 151 Mig
    HF 100 FC
    Victor Journeyman Oxy/Ace set up
    Bunch of tools of the trade to much to list

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    Nice to have you here need all the welders we can get. Funny how hobbies become your work.

    Esab Migmaster 250
    Everlast PowerPlasma 50
    Miller Dynasty 200 DX TIG
    CNC Express SQ Mill
    CNC Lathe 1236
    Plate Shear 12"
    12" Slip Roll
    4 Ton Notcher
    4 Ton Hand Punch
    52" 18 Gauge Foot Shear
    48" Pan & Box Brake
    Spot Welder
    50" Slip Roll
    English Wheel
    Bead Roller
    Planishing Hammer
    60" Hand Brake
    7" x 12" Bandsaw
    Hand Tools
    Shop (TOO SMALL !!!!! )
    I don't owe anyone a dime, but I get paid to lay them down

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    Welcome Wookie
    You will enjoy your time here.
    Seems I could learn a thing or twenty from you.
    I went the other way Never welded a day in my working life but was always a motor head and tinkerer, Now in retirement I am trying to learn to weld both Mig and Tig. quite a challenge I gave my self.

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