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    New PowerPeo 205S has arrived

    Took some time to get here. Did through inspection internally always a good idea on any new system to insure little things like solder joints and wires are still attached and not run over places...
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    Cloudfarm Racing first welding project.

    Here is my first welding project. Built from ground up. :cool:Nitromethane powered outlaw class mini sprint, 0-90 in 2 sec, top end 170mph. Does 17 sec lap times on 5/8 oval with tires you see. ...
  3. DARWIN AWARD WINNERS and that looks like UK power...

    DARWIN AWARD WINNERS and that looks like UK power strip so they are sitting on 240V 50HZ. Ever used a hot dog roaster and left the dog in to long, that's the result when flipflops dump the power bar...
  4. Na Na its fine ZAAAAP!

    Cheers all from the Cloudfather@DELL

    Mark, the color code is extremely important. Liability aside, and the breast implants. I was nearly killed because of a improperly wired system. I still...
  5. Good Bits Doc!

    Cheers all from Cloudfather@DELL. Dr Jack I liked your comments. Lets talk about pots vs encoders.

    Pots are much less expensive, have three or more tapers available, are susceptible to dirt and...
  6. Thread: Air/Argon

    by jbirdlebough

    $25 all brass, provides isolation between gas...

    $25 all brass, provides isolation between gas source.

    Cheers Cloudfather@DELL
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    Couple of things might help. You can go to...

    Couple of things might help.

    You can go to Kinko's and download the manuals, then will print and bind them. You can get plastic pages in a bound book if you like.

    Only thing that needs to...
  8. Been reading the posts had a few questions

    Cheers I am known as the Cloudfarmer@DELL, I am in the process of purchasing a PP 205S should arrive 18th.
    As I have been reading through the questions in the forum I see some questions on MOSFET vs...
  9. Sticky: Does it support DC and AC? Or just usual MTS.

    Define Digital, is this a microprocessor controlled MTS DC only or a true multi-process system with TIG AC/DC, MIG AC/DC, Dual isolated gas feeds, Stick and Plasma Cutter.

    Digital does have some...
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