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    Need SM3035-MTS spool gun for MTS 211Si

    I'm trying to find a spool gun for my 211Si. Everlast does not have them in stock. Anyone have any ideas or know of a well working substitute?

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    Owners manual for MTS 211Si

    Any updates on when we will see this manual?
  3. I moved the ground around to 3 different...

    I moved the ground around to 3 different locations but I didn't grind any off the locations for the ground clamp. I can try that this weekend.
    Yes! The wire was stubbing into the weld, that's...
  4. MTS 211Si chirping at high amps in MIG mode

    I've been welding mostly MIG with this machine for about 2 months no, mostly hobbiest type projects, and have had no issues. This past weekend I started fabricating a snow plow mount using some very...
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