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  1. Problems getting expendables for SG-55 plasma cutter/cable.

    Say, I have a Powermaster 256 and I mainly need it as a plasma cutter but I have had a lot of trouble with the cutters. The one that originally came with the welder caught on fire on the handle...
  2. Plasma cutter on Powermaster 256 saved the day!

    I just bought a winch mounting kit for my ATV and as I started installing it, I could tell that things weren't matching up right. I needed to perform about a dozen alterations of the kit in order to...
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    Everlast treated me right!

    Just received a new front-panel for the Powermaster 256 I received -- it had been damaged during shipment. Everlast sent it DHL from their warehouse so I'd get it time for my days off... The part...
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    Thanks for the help!


    Thanks for the prompt reply. I'll check on-line for the documentation. I didn't realized that you had documentation available there though that makes a lot of sense -- that way, you can...
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    There were some shipping problems...

    Hi Mike,

    I spoke with Oleg and he confirmed that he will be shipping me a new plastic front-panel. The one on the unit arrived shattered.

    Could I suggest that someone on our end of "the...
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    My Powermaster 256 arrived today!

    My Powermaster 256 arrived in Soldotna, Alaska today! I am in Prudhoe Bay right now. My wife and the UPS lady had to wrestle it over to the house; the UPS lady didn't know what it was and she asked...
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